Receding Hair? No Problem. Receding Gums is Another Story!

Treatment of Periodontal Disease in Wellesley, MAA receding hairline is a common problem that may cause a bit of uneasiness. The issue of gum recession is also becoming more common; but unlike the hairline, the receding gum line can cause a major issue for your oral health. Most often, gum recession is thought to be a secondary condition; a consequence of gum disease. While this may be the case in many instances, there are also other reasons why gum tissue may become weak and worn.

What’s Eating at Your Gums?

There are several factors that could trigger gum recession. These include:

  • Not trying hard enough to keep the mouth healthy. Oral hygiene is crucial to healthy teeth and gums. Without adequate attention, brushing and flossing cannot achieve the intended purpose, which is to remove bacteria and debris so that plaque does not form.
  • Trying too hard to keep the mouth healthy. On the other end of the spectrum from people who forget to brush and floss are those who put a great deal of zest into their oral hygiene routine. This creates a whole different issue: toothbrush abrasions. By using hard bristles or harsh technique, you put your gums at just as much risk for degradation as if you didn’t brush very often.
  • Grinding your teeth. Bruxism, the condition that describes jaw clenching and teeth grinding, puts the teeth, gums, ligaments, joints, and other structures under an inordinate amount of stress! One of the indicators of grinding and clenching is gum recession.
  • Using tobacco products. Whether it is cigarettes or smokeless tobacco, these products are incredibly harmful to gingival tissue. Chewing tobacco is especially dangerous due to its direct contact with the gums, which breaks down connective tissues.

What’s the Big Deal?

Why is it worrisome to your dentist if your gums have receded? Because there are consequences that will become obvious at some point. One of the major effects of gum recession is sensitivity. Because underlying nerves are less protected without gum tissue covering roots, a cold or warm beverage may send shivers of pain through a tooth. Exposed roots are not only unattractive, but they are also susceptible to cavities.

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