Your Daily Habits can Help or Hurt your Teeth

You expect your teeth to be with you for your lifetime, and this is not an unreasonable expectation at all. The overall structure of teeth demonstrates the fact that they are, indeed, supposed to remain functional year after year. However, what research has found is that our daily habits, including most of what we eat […]

Cosmetic Dentistry Provides Numerous Benefits

Everyone wants to feel satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. The smile is one of the single-most influential assets we have! That is when teeth and gums look good. Problems such as stains and discoloration, chips, crooked teeth, and other flaws can make you look older, less friendly, and even less motivated, according to […]

Little Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth healthy, clean, and white takes daily effort, but if you are making any of these common little mistakes, you could be doing more harm than good. Here are a few mistakes to watch out for. Brushing Mistakes Brushing your teeth is important, but brushing them incorrectly can cause damage or leave you […]

Simple Ways To Keep Your Breath Fresh

Bad breath can be embarrassing, and it often means there are harmful bacteria in your mouth. The following tips will help you keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh: Choose Your Food And Beverages Carefully When bad breath isn’t caused by harmful bacteria, it is usually caused by the things you eat and drink. […]

How Much Do You Know About Your Teeth

You know you need to floss daily, brush your teeth after meals, and hopefully visit your dentist every so often, but how much do you actually know about your teeth? Keep reading to learn more. The Four Types Of Teeth You have four types of teeth inside your mouth: the incisors, canines, premolars and molars. […]

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