Stopping the Grind this Holiday Season

SmileThere aren’t many people who would say that the holidays are a grind. This is a term we usually reserve for things we would prefer not to do, like work 50-hours a week (now that’s a grind!). The holiday season is something else entirely! It’s a time of year when we are reminded of all things joyful, like stockings filled to the brim and cozy carriage rides under warm blankets. Amidst all this joy, there is also much to do. Sometimes, it can feel like a little too much, and it can send you straight toward unexpected dental problems.

That’s right! The busier we are, the more stressed we may become. Stress is one of the primary reasons that people grind their teeth or clench their jaw. So, in the spirit of the potentially stressful – but joyful – holiday season, we want to touch on a few ways to prevent bruxism, or clenching and grinding.

Rest and Relaxation
You may be thinking “there’s no time for that!,” but rest and relaxation is exactly what we all need to counteract the inevitable stress that comes with a busy holiday season. Running from work to the mall to the latest holiday party may be fun for a week or so, but the month of December seems to go on forever! Be mindful about your peace of mind. Find time to exercise, if that’s what helps you manage stress. Hit up a yoga class, or download a meditation app on your Smartphone. Whatever it is that works for you, remember to do it as often as you need.

There’s an important note about rest and relaxation that we can easily miss. You may even be surprised to hear that not all relaxing activities are productive. Some of the things we may do to unwind could actually ramp up our brain into a thought-cycle that keeps us from a good night’s sleep. These may include watching a violent movie or television show right before bed, or even reading that gripping mystery novel that is so intriguing. Even winding down with a few cocktails or glasses of wine could be counterproductive to sleeping well (and not grinding).

The team at Health & Beauty Dental extends joyful holiday wishes to our valued patients. If you need help getting your smile holiday-ready, Call (781) 772-1646.

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