Simple Ways To Keep Your Breath Fresh

bad breathBad breath can be embarrassing, and it often means there are harmful bacteria in your mouth. The following tips will help you keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh:

Choose Your Food And Beverages Carefully

When bad breath isn’t caused by harmful bacteria, it is usually caused by the things you eat and drink. If you want to be sure your breath is fresh for a special occasion avoid things like coffee, onions, and garlic that can leave strong odors.

Brush Your Teeth After Each Meal

Brushing your teeth after each meal removes food particles and harmful bacteria. If for some reason you can’t brush your teeth after a meal be sure to at least rinse out your mouth.

Remember To Clean Your Tongue

Bacteria that cause bad breath can easily get stuck on the back of your tongue. When you brush and floss your teeth, take a moment to clean off the back of your tongue with your toothbrush or a tongue scraper.

Drink More Water

Drinking water rinses out your mouth and helps you stay healthy, but it also keeps your breath fresh. Have you noticed that your breath is usually worse early in the morning? This is probably because your mouth is dry. Drinking water helps to keep your mouth from getting too dry and it aids in the production of saliva, which works to kill harmful, odor-causing bacteria in your mouth.

Keep Sugar-Free Gum Or Mints On Hand

Gum and mints can’t kill bacteria, but they can mask unpleasant odors until you get the chance to clean your teeth. Keep sugar free gum or mints at your desk at work, in your car, or in your purse so you can freshen your breath in a pinch.

Visit The Dentist Regularly

While bad breath is often caused by food particles or bacteria, it can also be the sign of more serious problems such as tartar and plaque buildup, gum disease, and more. If you’re concerned about bad breath, you should schedule a checkup. Regular visits and cleanings will also help keep your teeth healthier and stronger. Call and Schedule an appointment today at (781) 772-1646.



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