Put a Stop to Procrastination!

dental cleaning Wellesley, MAIf you are like the large majority of people in our country, you may find yourself doing a little procrastinating when it comes time to schedule routine dental care. This is an easy thing to do! We get busy, or we simply find whatever excuse we can to avoid the anxiety we feel when we sit in the dentist’s chair. The truth is, it’s really important to see the dentist. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Support. The main idea behind routine dental care is that your dentist plays a supportive role in your overall oral health. At home, you brush and floss – hopefully every day (twice!). But the legions of bacteria that live in your mouth are continually regenerating. These organisms combine with saliva and food debris to make a biofilm called plaque. In just a 24-hour period, plaque can start to harden into tartar, creating an ongoing challenge for your oral health.
  • A molehill is an easier challenge. Routine dental care enables you and your dentist to catch problems with teeth or gums early, while they are still small and easily treatable. Putting off checkups and cleanings means to create the prime conditions for more advanced dental problems to occur.
  • Put fear in the back seat. If you thought that every dental visit would include only a brief, comfortable look around your mouth and a professional cleaning, you might not feel so anxious about making those necessary appointments! Maintaining a consistent schedule with your dental care could put a huge dent in your level of anxiety related to dentistry.
  • Find out what’s really going on. Sometimes, you don’t know everything that could be going on in your mouth. The stealth development of plaque and tartar is one example. Another example is grinding and clenching. This habit is called bruxism. What is so interesting about this condition is that it often occurs when we sleep; so, if we do it, we probably are not aware of it. That is, until a tooth cracks or breaks.

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