Why Dental Care for Small Problems Makes Sense

Dental Care Wellesley, MAThe best time to visit the dentist is when your teeth and gums are in good health. During a routine checkup, you may be told that there is a slight problem, such as a minor cavity. This tiny little condition may seem like it can wait until another visit. However, there are some very good reasons that we recommend getting restorative care right away when a minor dental condition has been diagnosed. Some of them may seem obvious, while others could easily slip your mind.

  1. Dental problems will hurt – eventually. A dental problem doesn’t seem like a problem until it hurts. This is why so many people find themselves rushing to get into their dentist. There is a way to avoid this. See your dentist every six months. Brush and floss your teeth every day, and schedule an exam if you develop the slightest indication of pain, including sensitivity.
  2. What starts small will grow. Like a flower blooming in the spring, a small dental problem will continually progress until it finally erupts into a large and looming problem. To prevent this from happening, restorative care should be performed immediately when a condition has been diagnosed.
  3. Early care is less costly. We understand that a large majority of people do not like seeing the dentist, especially if they think they may have a problem that needs fixing. The thing about getting treatment early is that it will cost less than if you wait. Who doesn’t prefer the idea of a small filling as opposed to root canal therapy and a dental crown!
  4. A secondary problem could develop. When a tooth hurts, you may not feel like brushing or flossing it much. Your oral hygiene may inadvertently change, and this could allow bacteria to have a greater effect on the damaged tooth, as well as those around it.

There is immense value in obtaining proper dental care at the onset of a problem, or even well before that. As your Wellesley dentists, Dr. Sherman and Dr. Urban offer services that keep you smiling. Schedule your dental checkup and cleaning today in Wellesley, MA or Call (781) 772-1646.



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