Your Daily Habits can Help or Hurt your Teeth

dental health Wellesley, MAYou expect your teeth to be with you for your lifetime, and this is not an unreasonable expectation at all. The overall structure of teeth demonstrates the fact that they are, indeed, supposed to remain functional year after year.

However, what research has found is that our daily habits, including most of what we eat and drink, causes teeth to lose their precious mineral content. As acidic byproduct from naturally-occurring oral bacteria sits on teeth, they become weaker and more prone to decay.

Do we tell you this to prepare you for losing your teeth? Of course not! When it comes to your health and well-being, information is the most powerful tool in your toolbox.

The Problem with Exposure
Teeth are exposed to quite a few stressors. Not only do they absorb the force of chewing and biting, but you may also grind and clench your jaw, placing further stress on teeth. Food, as well, exposes teeth to acids and sugars (which promote acid buildup). The more frequently food and beverages are consumed, even small snacks throughout the day, the less time there is for saliva to neutralize the acidic environment. Under constant exposure to acids, teeth and the gums are in a persistent state of vulnerability.

Give your Mouth a Break
All you need is a few hours at a time to let saliva do its job, which is to facilitate the remineralization of teeth. According to the American Dental Association, this process can be expedited by chewing gum sweetened with xylitol. Gum chewing is especially useful in the 20 minutes after a meal, as the increased flow of saliva will dilute sugars and acids in the mouth.

Give your Mouth a Hand
The body has inherent processes to mend and regenerate. This does not mean your teeth don’t need a helping hand. Oral hygiene, the two minutes you spend in the morning and at night to brush your teeth, is crucial to the breakdown of the sugar residue, acid, and plaque. Each day, just a couple of minutes needs to be spent on flossing. In conjunction, these two practices can do a lot to keep you from developing painful dental conditions.

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