Dentistry: the times they have changed

cosmetic dentist in Wellesley MAAccording to recent studies, Americans, and people all around the world, are living longer today than previous generations. As such, we have seen immense growth in areas of medicine and dentistry that have to do with facial aesthetics. Clearly, there are many reasons to see your dentist, but oral health is not always the primary goal. We understand the value of beauty and develop treatments that will help you feel great about your smile.

What You can do for Your Smile

There are certain aspects of your appearance that are well within your control. Dentists encourage healthy care habits that include brushing twice a day with gentle technique and flossing every day. These habits can minimize the formation of stains on enamel, and also prevent the development of potentially painful dental conditions like cavities and gum disease.

What We can do for Your Smile

Whether we are solely seeking to improve your smile is that it or we are helping you reach a higher level of oral health with dental restorations, our intent is to honor the natural characteristics you were born with.

Common cosmetic dental procedures include:

Professional teeth whitening. This treatment may be performed at home, and at your convenience. Professional teeth whitening goes beyond daily brushing to remove stains that have settled into the pores of enamel. Treatment involves the easy application of a precision gel formula. This bleach is absorbed into pores to break apart the particles that are causing discoloration.

Porcelain veneers. While teeth whitening is a wonderful way to brighten the smile, porcelain veneers have become a popular method of transforming teeth in the most wonderful ways. Veneers are essentially life-like covers that are bonded to the front of teeth. We can shape them, size them, and color them to achieve the natural beauty that improves your confidence.

Restorative care. One of the significant advances in dentistry has been the development of natural-looking restorations. Just because a tooth has been damaged does not mean that it should look unnatural. With composite resin filling material and dental crowns made with porcelain, tooth damage can be repaired and imperceptible ways.

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