Cosmetic Dentistry Provides Numerous Benefits

cosmetic dentist wellesley maEveryone wants to feel satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. The smile is one of the single-most influential assets we have! That is when teeth and gums look good. Problems such as stains and discoloration, chips, crooked teeth, and other flaws can make you look older, less friendly, and even less motivated, according to polls. When you realize the immense impact that your smile has on your sense of self and your interactions at work and in your personal life, you can see a glimpse of the benefit that comes from investing into cosmetic dental care with Dr. Sherman.

Deciding to visit our Wellesley dental practice for cosmetic dentistry is a very personal choice. Your consultation with us is dedicated to discovery. We want to know what you want! If it helps, you may bring pictures to explain the characteristics that you would like to be given to your own smile.

Whether we lift stains with teeth whitening or disguise a flaw with beautiful porcelain veneers, a number of benefits can come from personalized cosmetic dental care.

  • Custom care for your needs. Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting area in which the sole focus is on beauty. Using quality products and precision technique, Dr. Sherman can close gaps, bring teeth into proportion, and even perfect the smile line.
  • A more youthful appearance. Problems such as erosion, excessive wear, and discoloration all give an aged appearance to the smile. Something as simple as reviving the brightness of enamel can take years off of your face.
  • Career success. You don’t have to be an actor, model, or public figure to experience the phenomenon of greater success stemming from beauty. Research has proven that employers respond more favorably to attractive applicants and employees. Additionally, the boost of confidence that stems from a smile makeover carries over into your demeanor.

Expert Care Achieves Optimal Results

Cosmetic dentistry requires a great deal of commitment on the part of your dentist. In addition to advanced training and familiarity with the latest techniques and materials, it is necessary for your dentist to harness artistic ability in the creation of your most beautiful, lifelike smile.

Reveal your best self through your smile. Call our office for your consultation today at (781) 772-1646.



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