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Teeth Whitening: Do This, not That!

Millions of people around the world regularly see their dentist for treatments that enhance the beauty and health of their smile. Teeth whitening has been a popular method of cosmetic treatment for many years, and it continues to be one of the leading reasons for dental visits. We are happy to provide this service for […]

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Why Dental Care for Small Problems Makes Sense

The best time to visit the dentist is when your teeth and gums are in good health. During a routine checkup, you may be told that there is a slight problem, such as a minor cavity. This tiny little condition may seem like it can wait until another visit. However, there are some very good […]

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How Dental Implants Restore a Healthy Smile

Tooth loss is a common problem that most of us think will never happen to us. Only the elderly lose their teeth! Tooth loss is an age problem, not an oral health problem. Believing these theories could mean that tooth loss will be a huge surprise, if it does happen to you. And, if you […]

Stopping the Grind this Holiday Season

There aren’t many people who would say that the holidays are a grind. This is a term we usually reserve for things we would prefer not to do, like work 50-hours a week (now that’s a grind!). The holiday season is something else entirely! It’s a time of year when we are reminded of all […]

Put a Stop to Procrastination!

If you are like the large majority of people in our country, you may find yourself doing a little procrastinating when it comes time to schedule routine dental care. This is an easy thing to do! We get busy, or we simply find whatever excuse we can to avoid the anxiety we feel when we […]

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Let’s Get Going Against Gum Disease

You have probably heard enough about gum disease to know that this is an oral condition you should do your best to avoid. The varying degrees of gum disease, ranging from gingivitis to advanced periodontal disease, all have certain consequences. These span from chronic bad breath to a substantially higher risk for low birth weight […]

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Straight Facts about Invisalign

Have you been craving a straighter smile but putting off calling the dentist? If you have, we bet we know why! Market research indicates that the majority of people who would like a straighter smile do not like the idea of wearing braces. As a result, they simply make a decision to live with crooked, […]

Receding Hair? No Problem. Receding Gums is Another Story!

A receding hairline is a common problem that may cause a bit of uneasiness. The issue of gum recession is also becoming more common; but unlike the hairline, the receding gum line can cause a major issue for your oral health. Most often, gum recession is thought to be a secondary condition; a consequence of […]

Dentistry: the times they have changed

According to recent studies, Americans, and people all around the world, are living longer today than previous generations. As such, we have seen immense growth in areas of medicine and dentistry that have to do with facial aesthetics. Clearly, there are many reasons to see your dentist, but oral health is not always the primary […]

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